Park Bakery

Bespoke Artisan Miniature Baked Goods


Park Bakery is a family run bakery that employs a small team. We believe that a modestly sized team helps promote an excellent standard of quality in all our freshly baked goods.

Employing younger family members within the bakery team has encouraged the business to blossom. With fresh eyes and ideas, they have introduced a modern selection of baked miniatures that appeal to the very latest demands from the catering and events industries. This has helped Park Bakery keep abreast of changing and upcoming trends within the baked goods market.

Rosario Ribaudo - Head Baker

Rosario Ribaudo heads up the bakery production alongside his son Lorenzo. He has been in the baking industry since childhood and was highly successful with his wholesale bakery “Il Mulino”. Rosario took over Park Bakery in 2013 and, with assistance from other family members, has expanded the business to become a flourishing wholesale bakery servicing the catering industries. 

Nina Tyrill & Fiona Ribaudo

Nina (Rosario’s daughter) and Fiona (Rosario’s wife) jointly manage the processing of orders as well as running the accounts for the bakery.

Jodie Ribaudo

Jodie, Rosario’s daughter-in-law, is head of health and safety as well as organising new business departments.

Alex Ribaudo

Alex Ribaudo, Rosario’s son, oversees all bakery operations.

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What Do Our Customers Say?

We are delivered consistently great products from ‘Park Bakery’ the miniatures are second to none in London. Delivery is always punctual, a thoroughly professional service from placing orders to receiving our freshly baked goods.

Steve Williams - Smart Group